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Past Ann Arbor Projects

Aid Ann Arbor was founded in ~2008


Sajini Mathews runs a care home for orphaned girls, called SnehiBhavan in Kerala, India. SnehiBhavan literally means House of Love

Apna Skool

Apna Skools, (part of a local NGO in Kanpur, Jagriti Bal Vikas Samiti), are a unique network of schools for the children of migrant laborers who are not able to get admission into formal schools because of their itinerant lifestyle. The Apna Skools take education to the children by conducting classes around the brick kilns and construction sites in the city of Kanpur. The organization aims to open as many Apna Skool centers as possible, with the double objective of providing basic education to the children and ensuring the integration of these children in mainstream schools.

Hope Foundation